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•Selling a House

•Buying a Home

•Investing in Real Estate
•Referring your Friends & Family


Selling or buying a home is hard. Most people say that moving is the most stressful thing they have done. My goal is to reduce the stress and uncertainty as you move towards the next chapter in your life. My role is to serve as your trusted advisor throughout this process and afterwards.

Below is a list of my core services and What It Means To You (WIMTU).

Sellers and Buyers:

Communication – Perhaps this is the most valuable service I can provide. My belief is that clear and consistent communication helps to reduce uncertainty and stress around buying or selling a house. This is my goal for every transaction.
WIMTU: You will be well informed throughout each step along the way.  
Counseling –  The first step in the process is to discuss your specific goals. This discussion will establish your goals and set a path forward with a realistic set of expectations. As you move forward I will provide crucial counsel to help you make the best decision.
WIMTU: You are not alone. I will serve as your Trusted Advisor and help you successfully accomplish your goals.

Pricing – My role is not to set the price, but to interpret the relationship between your house and the market. My proprietary reports will provide the right information so you can make an informed decision.
WIMTU: You can be confident in your decisions.

Negotiation – It is part art and part science. Recognizing the current market condition (science) is an important first step. Navigating through emotions can be difficult (art), especially if you are the one impacted by those decisions. Having a trusted advisor can help maintain focus on the most important goal: selling or buying the house.
WIMTU: You are not on your own. I will guide you through this stressful step and help you arrive at the best terms possible.

Transaction Management – Many times, the easiest part is getting the house under contract. Going from contract to the closing table is a journey with numerous pitfalls along the way. 
WIMTU: You can rest easy that details will taken care of in a professional manner.

Sellers only:

Staging – Most houses are not ready to make a great first-impression. This situation can depress the level of interest in a home. I will help you maximize the appeal of your house.
WIMTU: Both you and your property will be prepared to maximize the interest of the market.

Marketing – Effective marketing uses advertising tools to reach a narrow group of consumers, the people most likely to have an interest in your house. My experience and resources will help maximize your home's exposure to your target market.
WIMTU: You can be confident that your home will receive the right exposure to achieve a successful outcome.


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